“This webinar has given me a true appreciation for all aspects of the bereavement process that families journey through. Having never lost my own child, I felt a bit out-of-touch; in terms of helping others navigate the process. Everything that the series offered now seems almost tangible to me, the information was presented so well that I feel I got a chance to walk in the shoes of someone who had lost a child. The topics covered were relevant and presented with the perfect blend of tenderness and frankness. I loved being able to listen to the recordings at my own pace, as most of them required time for me to mentally and emotionally process. Loss is something that is experienced by people that touch our lives in many ways and this series gave me the confidence needed to appropriately reach out to those that are grieving, not only my personal clients, but my friends and family as well. I cannot recommend this webinar series highly enough; it will bless your soul and the souls of those that are in great need of light during their darkest moments.”

Lauren Scarbrough, BAI Birth & Postpartum Doula, Monitrice