Rainbows Hands…

A former client is expecting again. This is a particular joy for her and for me. I’ve been asked to doula through her pregnancy.

When a bereaved family finds they are expecting again, it is a very different experience than when a family has never had a loss. The illusion of safety is stripped from the family. Because they lost a child during pregnancy before, they know it can happen again.

While most women who experience a pregnancy loss go on to have a successful birth experience, the knowledge that something *could* go wrong remains.


Doulas who companion a bereaved family are more than ‘birth doulas’. We’re Rainbow Doulas- we companion the family throughout pregnancy, assisting mom and her partner to manage whatever special challenges this particular pregnancy may bring including anxiety, special physical challenges, and additional doctor visits along with the normal birth preparation doulas do for their clients.

But, oh, the amazing privilege of companioning a family who receives their first child after loss! Watching the relief flood through the family- no matter how calm and assured the family is throughout the pregnancy, that moment when mom takes her child- her rainbow- into her hands… fills the family with a new kind of serenity.

I am blessed to have this work. I am blessed to walk alongside families as the face the pregnancy after loss journey. I am blessed to companion rainbows.