At the request of many with whom I have had contact and shared time with, I offer the following workshops directly to FAMILIES who are on the healing journey after a perinatal loss. It is my hope that this information and experience can bless you as you make your way toward healing.

Rainbow Baby

Making Rainbows: Pregnancy After Loss

Families who are contemplating a subsequent pregnancy after a previous perinatal loss have many decisions to make about their care- they will also have a unique joyous, anxious, and complex pregnancy experience ahead of them. In this session, Angie takes you/your group through the questions parents must ask themselves before ‘trying again’ and helps set your family on an emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy path. This session can be scheduled at your local church, with your mom’s group or by a birth professional to serve the families in your community. It is also available for private, online sessions for families one-on-one. $25 per family.


Coming Soon: Toward Healing: A Healing Experience

This four hour workshop is for mothers who have experienced a perinatal loss and are looking for ways to nurture their soul as they heal. Included in the day’s activities are a tea ceremony, art & writing projects, a vision quest activity and more. This is a wonderful way for mothers to spend time in self-reflection, self-discovery and self-nurturing in a supportive environment.