Pregnancy is beautiful and natural. Usually, pregnancy will progress normally and a healthy mother and baby result. There are times, however, when a child is lost through miscarriage or stillbirth. There are times during pregnancy when parents may learn their child has a life-limiting condition and don’t expect that their precious one will survive for long after being born. There are also times when parents learn their child has a difficult prenatal diagnoses that may impact him/her for the rest of the child’s life. When these impossible situations occur, hurting parents require the most compassionate and skilled guidance available. Depending on location, Angie will companion the parents & their family and will work with them for weeks and months following their diagnosis or loss.

Angie is available to companion families even if they are not local to SouthEast/SouthCentral Pennsylvania. Although in-person support is most effective, phone, email and text support is also available regardless of where the family lives.

Grief is forever. It doesn’t go away;
it becomes a part of you, step for step, breath for breath.
I will never stop grieving because I will never stop loving.
~The Sky Is Everywhere

Services can include:

  • prenatal and birth doula support
  • educational/research assistance
  • liaison to hospital/funeral home
  • referral to appropriate counseling
  • physical assistance to mother in the home or hospital
  • creation of memorial items
  • Advising on meaningful ceremonies
  • lactation support for NICU, drying or donating
  • NICU guidance

Contact:  Families who require bereavement care are encouraged to contact Angie directly at or by calling 610-585-0806.

Cost: Babies and new parents are precious and the loss of a little one is bigger than compensation. It is our honor to serve your family at no cost during this impossible time we may however have some small travel/child care expenses. Please contact us any time, day or night, to access this doula service.

Sometimes families, loved ones or friends wish to ‘pay it forward’ to other families in need. In these cases, we accept gifts in honor or in memory of loved ones. These love offerings make it possible for Angie to continue to offer birth/bereavement services at no cost to the families in need (please note that gifts are *not* tax deductible). Thank you for your care for these hurting families!