Hearthside Perinatal Bereavement Care- Student of Color & Indigenous Birthworker Scholarship Application

Greetings, Friends! I am honored that you are interested in applying for one of two scholarships that are available to Students of Color each session of my webinar series or for the Indigenous Birthworker Scholarship.

This scholarship is established to increase the number of midwives/doulas of color who are available to serve their local community in culturally appropriate ways.

Applications are due: November 30th for our January Session and July 30th for our September Session. If you are selected to receive a full Scholarship, you will need to respond within one week of notice confirming that you have seen the webinar schedule and are available to attend. You may defer your scholarship for one session if necessary.

The following questions will help me determine which applicants will be selected each session:

Essay Questions:

1. While it is not necessary to have experienced a perinatal loss yourself to be eligible for this scholarship, I am interested to understand how you have processed a difficult situation in your past. Can you share about a time you experienced grief or loss? What did you learn through that experience?

2. Please tell me about how you plan to use the education gained through Hearthside Perinatal Bereavement Care? How do you envision this training complementing your current service to women?

3. Why is this scholarship important to you?

Please email responses to: angelique.chelton@yahoo.com

Thank you for your interest- I am excited to grow the number of midwives and doulas available to serve bereaved families of color.

Angelique Chelton PBS, CLC
Hearthside Maternity Services
Hearthside Perinatal Bereavement Care