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The basic Hearthside perinatal bereavement training, entitled “A Foundation for Healing”, is a comprehensive course that covers myriad topics including: early and late pregnancy loss, medical and elective abortion, the arc of perinatal grief and birth worker skills for client support at each phase, perinatal hospice, prenatal bonding in the face of pregnancy/infant loss, NICU support, post-loss lactation, siblings and extended family support, pregnancy after loss, memorial and burial items and professional skills such as tenets of companioning the bereaved, listening skills, and important self-care strategies for those who do bereavement work. A Foundation for Healing is appropriate and VITAL training for ALL professionals who work with women perinatally including doulas, midwives and L&D nurses. This series is offered in a webinar format and is available to be purchased and viewed whenever is convenient to you.


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About A Foundation For Healing

All sessions are self-paced and delivered online so you may train in the comfort of your home and at your convenience. This allows birth professionals on-call for births to register with confidence knowing that you will have access to the material even if a client goes into labor.

 You may pay for sessions as you go, taking all 12 or only those that meet your specific needs. When you have completed viewing all 12 sessions, please email Angelique.Chelton@yahoo.com and request your post-test if you desire to continue on to the Perinatal Bereavement Specialist Certificate Program.

*Please note: Previously, this series was ICEA accredited. As of now, A Foundation for Healing is approved for Madriella Doula continuing contact hours.

Certified Professional Midwives: This webinar series is an eligible qualifying Category 3 course for NARM’s Midwifery Bridge Certificate.

**All registrants who plan to take the series in its entirety should plan to purchase a notebook and to take notes through each session. The end of series post-test  will ask questions about your experience with the series- your notes will be useful for this. Also, this notebook will become a wonderful resource for you in the future- it will help you recall ideas and you can also note areas for future study.**

Purchasing your selection is easy! Simply click the webinar title below. You will be taken to a ‘webinar library’. Select the title you wish to purchase (viewing the series in order is recommended as knowledge builds on knowledge), follow the purchase instructions and you will have immediate access to your chosen title. Please contact Angie with any questions you may have.

A Foundation for Healing Series Description


1. Processing Perinatal Grief: This webinar carefully examines the arc of grief, from the initial shock to the integration of the loss. We’ll also explore risk-factors for complicated grief experiences. Anyone who is interested in obtaining wisdom about the flow of perinatal grief is welcome to attend,  including birthworkers, physicians, nurses, social workers and families who have experienced a pregnancy loss themselves. $12

2. Pregnancy Loss: What’s in a Name?: The way a woman is treated and cared for during pregnancy loss often depends on the week or trimester she is in when the loss occurs. Come learn how a loss during an early gestational age impacts the medical and emotional care a woman receives and how companions can offer sensitive, appropriate care during loss at this stage. $12

3. Ethics in Early Pregnancy Loss: Join us for a challenging, peaceful and heart-growing discussion about early pregnancy loss including elective abortion and elective medical termination. Learn how to companion women sensitively and lovingly regardless of the mode of their pregnancy loss and begin to move away from the ‘pro-choice’/’pro-life’ mindset. Consider how to offer women loving, respectful care while honoring one’s own boundaries. $12

4. Perinatal Hospice & Carrying to Term: Join us as we examine carrying to term after a fatal or life-limiting diagnosis. Come to understand the many things parents consider when making their decisions and learn how to companion a family during this difficult time. Also learn about perinatal hospice and how it beautifully serves families who expect their child will die soon after birth. Also learn care techniques for the family and the baby after a full-term loss. $12

5. Bereavement and Bonding: Babies are amazing people, right from the start! Join us to learn about babies’ capabilities *long* before delivery and discover how to support clients as they create a rich, loving relationship with their babies while still pregnant. Great for midwives, doulas and child birth educators who want to help clients connect with their littles prior to delivery, especially when a perinatal loss is anticipated. $12

6. Emotional & Practical Support in the NICU: When a client has a child go into the NICU unexpectedly, it can be a very jarring and traumatic experience. What can birth professionals attending the family do to help soften the introduction to the NICU? How can we offer extended support to the family via specialized postpartum care? Join us to better understand how bereavement companions fit into the NICU picture. $12

7. Lactation After Loss: After the bright lights of the hospital, after the medical staff has receded, a mother who delivers a stillborn baby is often left alone to manage her milk production. Lactation after loss can be especially painful for mothers missing their babies. Join us to learn about the mother’s options and what kind of support you as a doula, midwife or other birth professional can offer. $12

8. The Loss Art of Listening:  Storytelling and Storylistening are intimately connected and loss stories are birth stories with sad endings. Come learn how to listen when clients allow the truths concerning their losses to be born into the world. Come learn to listen so you may be a conduit for healing. Learn good things to say when a friend or client loses a baby, avoid saying the wrong things and develop skills to receive women’s loss stories. $12

9. Siblings and Perinatal Grief: When a family experiences a pregnancy or neonatal loss, compassionate caregivers find themselves answering the need of many members of the family. Join us to explore the experiences of children as they experience loss and develop an understanding of what children at each developmental stage need to do during the perinatal period to successfully grieve a lost sibling. A unique element to this class is a discussion of grief experienced by siblings born AFTER a sibling has died. $12

10. Supporting Families Through Pregnancy After Loss: Pregnancy after a perinatal loss experience can be a time of anxiety, excitement and hope. Join us to understand the unique needs of families experiencing a subsequent pregnancy and to learn ways to support a family through the difficult and wonderful emotions of pregnancy after loss. $12

11. Memorial Making and Burial Items: Making memorial items after a client experiences a loss is an important skill and can assist a client to lay a healthy foundation for eventual healing. Join us for an interactive session in which we will discuss both *tangible* and *intangible* memorials for babies gone too soon. Learn what small, inexpensive items can be kept in a birth bag in the event of an unexpected loss and what kinds of items are available to support ‘Dignity in Death’. $12

12. Self-Care for the Bereavement Worker: Serving bereaved clients can be especially wearing for those who attend during a time of perinatal loss. Come learn strategies to recenter your spirit and to renew your energy to be ready for the next time you are needed.  $12

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