Thank you for considering hosting Hearthside’s “Ten Essential Wisdoms for Pregnancy Loss” perinatal bereavement workshop! I am so honored to bring this important experience and information to your community.

This page will give you the information needed to successfully host a workshop.


Registration for this workshop is $75 per person, and 15 registrations are required to secure the workshop date. The host of the workshop attends free of charge in gratitude for her efforts on her community’s behalf.  After the date has been finalized there are no refunds as travel will be booked for the date. When attendees are ready to register, they may do so through the Eventbrite link provided on my ‘Speaking & Workshops’ page. There will be a distinct link for each workshop. Once we have scheduled a date, we will keep it open until 30 days prior to the event. If we don’t reach the minimum number of attendees by then, we’ll cancel the date and everyone will receive a full refund minus any fees required by Eventbrite.


As host of the event, you are responsible to secure a location large enough to comfortably welcome the number of participants in your workshop. Consider yoga studios, churches, libraries, community centers, chiropractor offices, local health offices and doctor offices- there are many places that welcome groups free of charge or for a very low fee. You will serve as the ‘point person’ for the workshop, providing directions/maps to the location and parking areas and working with the space owners to ensure a positive experience. Workshop attendees will need space to sit, tables to use for art projects (card tables are ok, as long as we have a space for everyone) and a presentation table/space is also needed. Electric would be nice, but is not strictly necessary (so outdoor spaces like covered pavilions are welcome!)

Once you and I have worked together to select a date, you may begin advertising to your local birth community. You can share this website as a reference point. I will create flyers & brochures for you to give out in your community and together we will create a Facebook Event Page. Think creatively about how to contact birth professionals in your area- do you have city/region/state doula or midwifery organizations? Can you share the event on their FB pages/groups? Access any emailing lists you know of or make direct calls to personally invite birthworkers in your area. If you live on the border of a state, consider including birthworkers from your neighboring states.

On the day of the workshop, you will bring light refreshments and drinks to the workshop location- coffee/tea, water and fruit are nice for the morning. Participants should bring a bagged lunch or you may organize a potluck lunch, however if there are food markets or restaurants within a 5 to 10 minute drive, it would be wonderful to have a list provided at the event.

Again, thank you so much for hosting a workshop. Your willingness to serve your fellow birthworkers will result in families receiving better care during the most difficult days of their life.