Not Alone…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve commented. I may or may not do so more often in the future, but today, I have something to share.

The Network of Perinatal Loss Professionals on Facebook is a symbol of what’s happening in perinatal bereavement care around the world. Compassionate individuals coming together, each sharing a little light with families who have lost a sweet baby. Some of these people are nurses, doulas, midwives- professionals- others are parents who find themselves inspired by the life of the sleeping children in their lives. The tremendous passion and variety of their work tells me one thing- I am not alone.

not alone

I have one little niche in the perinatal bereavement world- I offer training to holistic birth professionals, especially those who attend clients out of hospital- and this work is consuming. There is no way that one person, or even one organization, can be all things to all people. There is just too much brilliance in the many ways families are being served, too many possibilities and opportunities to offer kindness and comfort and love.

We need one another. We need one another so families are reached in a variety of ways. We need artists to offer modes of healing that incorporate the arts, we need crafters so families receive love through tiny baby clothes and blankets, we need photographers so families take photos with them into the rest of their lives, we need writers so the voices of bereaved families flow out into the wind bringing words of truth, we need midwives so families experience gentle births of sleeping babies.

Every single one of us has a gift to share. It could be an ability to begin a non-profit to benefit bereaved families in your area, or it could be the ability to offer a kind word to the hurting mother in your neighborhood. All these gifts are powerful and they all matter.

I am so glad to stand shoulder to shoulder with so many amazing people and organizations and I’ve shared some of my favorites in the slideshow on the right-hand side of my blog. These are worthy resources, individuals and organizations that serve hurting families during their darkest hours.

Reach out to these groups. They are there you help and support bereaved, hurting families.

And if you are further along in your healing journey, maybe you want to express your gift by volunteering with one of these groups? Then you will be the one telling hurting families that they are not alone…